Paging, messaging, voice & data wireless telecommunications products and systems

Paging and telecommunications products and systems

Digital pagers POCSAG, TETRA, GSM, WiFi

Additional resources: pagers matrix, pager cleaning instruction


Classic masterpiece

  • AA battery or accu.
  • RGB color backlight.
  • Customisable UI.
  • IP52 (IP54 in dedicated case).


Best portability

  • AAA battery or accu.
  • White backlight.
  • Customisable UI.
  • IP52 (IP54 in dedicated case).


Modular and versatile

  • POCSAG, GSM, WiFi.
  • GPS, man-down.
  • Dedicated alarm button.
  • RGB color backlight.
  • Customisable UI.
  • Li-Ion standard or hi-capacity accu.
  • IP54

There is a replacement as LX7


Stationary industrial

  • External antenna.
  • 8 relay outputs.
  • RS-232.
  • DIN rail mounting.


Standard two-way professional

  • TETRA 380…430 MHz.
  • GPS, man–down, inductive beacon.
  • Alarm button, Tear-Off Alarm contact.
  • RGB color backlight.
  • Customisable UI.
  • Li-Ion accu.
  • IP54.
  • ATEX.



Special two-way professional

  • TETRA 450…470 MHz.
  • RGB color backlight.
  • Customisable UI.
  • Li-Ion accu.
  • IP54.

Hardware / firmware user options can be added on request

WiFi Pager WME266

Wireless IP

  • WIFI 2/5 GHz.
  • IP-, UDP-messaging.
  • GPS, man-down, inductive beacon.
  • Alarm button.
  • RGB color backlight.
  • Customisable UI.
  • Li-Ion accu.
  • IP54.

There is a replacement as LX7 WiFi


LED paging info-display

  • POCSAG, TETRA, GSM, WiFi, 5-Tonfolge, FMS (TR-BOS).
  • 20 chars 70mm height, 128x8px per one line.
  • 1380x100x33mm one line device.
  • Up to 4** text lines.
  • Longer text can scroll or tick.
  • IP40 aluminum die-cast housing.
  • Output relay contact**

*By request

Accessories for pagers

Carrying a pager

Secure fastened, accessible, audible

  • Everything to have the pager well fastened, easily accessible, and to have a signal always loud and clear.
  • Holsters, leather and nylon weatherproof cases with magnetic closure, simple belt loop or KlickFast system.

Chargers and cradles

Always ready and in touch

  • Lightweight travel chargers.
  • Desktop charging cradles.
  • Charging cradles with external antenna connector and I/O relay contacts.
  • Oelmann 3x accu slot charger.


Professional storage and charging racks

  • LX2, LX4, LX7, LX8, TETRA, WiFi pagers.
  • 12...30VDC*
  • Power fault alarm relay*
  • Optional 110...240VAC power supply, wall–mount kit, DC power and chain-jumpers cables.

*Not for USB-version

Base stations, gateways, systems

Additional resources: paging base stations matrix



POCSAG compact full-duplex transceiver

  • Built-in intelligent POCSAG encoder/decoder.
  • IP, RS485/232, ESPA, I/O.
  • 11…14VDC.

Acts at the intelligent paging transmitter controlled by various inputs, stand-alone paging store-forward repeater, reference paging listener-decoder.

PRS34x Series

POCSAG base stations

  • POCSAG transmission and receiving.
  • IP, RS-232, ESPA.
  • VoIP, SNMP, NTP.
  • Alarm output relays.
  • Opto inputs.
  • Master/remote BS or standalone store–forward POCSAG repeater.


POCSAG base station

  • POCSAG transmission and receiving.
  • TX/RX auto redundancy.
  • Master/remote BS or standalone store–forward POCSAG repeater.
  • German BOS approved.


POCSAG solution for the compact silent wireless alarm systems

  • 4x RS232/ESPA, 8x8 Alarm I/O.
  • 100…240VAC / 12…24VDC.
  • 12H backup battery supply.
  • Built-in intelligent POCSAG encoder/decoder.
  • IP-web configuration / online monitoring.
  • LX7 pagers w/multi-charger.
  • Fire alarm external button.
  • NEN 2575 compatible.


TETRA IP-base station

  • TETRA 380…430 or 450…470 MHz.
  • Three types of design:
    • Self-contained standalone system.
    • Remote base station.
    • Sub-module add-ons for the existing system.
  • LTE connected.


DMR IP-base station

  • DMR Tier II / III.
  • Modular, IP−connected.
  • High–grade reliability.
  • Digital voice and data.


Multipath messaging system

  • POCSAG, GSM/LTE, TETRA, DMR, WiFi, Ethernet.
  • IP or/and on-air base stations connected.
  • Smart repeaters and gateways.
  • Oelmann SIRIUS software suite.

PMR Systems

Professional mobile radio, voice and data

Digital and analogue DMR, TETRA, MPT professional mobile radio systems and components, tailored to any customer requirements.

Any combinations and design types, including mobile base station options.

Digital Gateway

Voice, data and paging router

Converts TETRA, POCSAG, IP, audio I/O, Serial/ESPA, relay outs, opto-inputs.

  • ESPA: 4.4.4.
  • PABX: VoIP SIP, E&M.
  • 3HU 19" rack mounted cabinet.
  • AC or DC.


Desktop master phone set

Connection to the radio or to infrastructure:

  • MPT1327 MAP27.

Modules, tools, beacons, software, BOS products


Smart built-in electronics

  • TETRA.
  • GSM, WiFi.
  • GPS, man-down.
  • Indoor location beacons detector.

Mixed and customized configurations are possible.


Site survey kit

Surveying POCSAG coverage

  • Complete, simple, portable and convenient solution for POCSAG paging site surveys.
  • IP54 case for safe and convenient transportation.
  • Additional space for user accessories, programming kits, and cables.
  • Can be configured for additional or specialized user functions.
  • VHF or UHF

Testing and monitoring

Maintenance tools

  • PS622 portable POCSAG transmitter 68...87.5, 146...174, 430...470MHz.
  • LX8 portable POCSAG monitor receiver.
  • Various custom POCSAG, TETRA on-air receivers, gateways and software.

IB630 location beacon

Fast and precise indoor positioning

Industrial grade universal inductive beacon for the personnel security applications.

  • Standalone: no connection to the external devices required.
  • No interaction delay with the mobile receiver.
  • Independent from third-party radio emissions.
  • Flexible power supply scheme.
  • Different antennas type.
  • Chainable.


Parametrization and operational control

Software for paging systems, for setting up the parameters of devices, for operational management and monitoring of equipment and systems.

  • SIRIUS Software Suite.
  • PSW LX Unified pager programming.
  • PRS345, TRX348 programming.
  • TB–400 Base stations maintenance.


Digitaler Sirenensteuer–Empfänger 5-Tonfolge / POCSAG / TETRA

  • Hybrider DSE für das 2m/4m–Band und TETRA–BOS (je nach Ausbau-Stufe).
  • 2 Leistungs–Relais zur Sirenensteuerung.
  • 4 Testeingänge zur manuellen Auslösung.
  • 4 potentialfreie Eingänge / 6 Schaltausgänge für Sonderaufgaben.
  • Notstromversorgung mit Batterieüberwachung.
  • Störmeldeübertragung über TETRA.
  • Einbruchalarm (Türkontakt).
  • Absicherung der POCSAG-Alarmierung durch Verschlüsselung.


Geräte und Lösungen für das digitale BOS Funknetz

  • Sirenensteuer–Empfänger.
  • Die BOS Meldeempfänger.
  • Duplexer für die BOS-Basisstationen.
  • Bidirektionale TETRA-Verstärker, die an einem Antennenmast montiert sind.
  • Aktive Funk-HF-Überwachung des Antennenzustands.

On production

Development and production

  • All Oelmann developments are performed at our home location in Springe, Hannover area, Germany.
  • Manufacturing is sub-divided into external and internal processes using qualified suppliers with close cooperation with selected partners.

All the Oelmann products are:

  • Based on our own, or on joint development and solutions from the best and proven companies in the industry.
  • Designed, assembled and factory tested on the basis of our experience and the latest trends.
  • Conforms to industry standards and complies with the ISO 9001:2015 quality management in the development, manufacture and factory maintenance.
  • Proven and used by governmental, corporate and public services, transport and utilities, safety and healthcare, by industrial and oil-and-gas customers.

EU Regulatory compliance,  CE  marking

  • Oelmann Elektronik GmbH ensures that all products comply with the regulatory requirements.
  • The highest quality is our motto. All the manufacturing processes are certified to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.
  • All shipments from Oelmann's EU manufacturing and material supply chain comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive.
  • Regulatory compliance is complex and subject to change. Please contact us for product(s) compliance information.

We develop, manufacture, and supply a wider range of products and solutions  than can be listed here.  Call us  about your device or solution demands.

Legacy products

Oelmann legacy products are the products that are no longer in production but are supported, and/or are the basis for future releases.

SME Series smartphones: We don't release smartphones with an integrated POCSAG radio module any more, but we have developed optimised modules for it, and we don't stop hoping for new models with this option. Anyone involved in the smartphone industry is welcome to contact us 




Rugged, professional full featured Android portable with POCSAG and inductive beacon decoder on board.




Full featured Android rugged portable with POCSAG and inductive beacon decoder on board.




Full featured Android rugged portable with POCSAG and inductive beacon decoder on board.


SME Messenger app

SME Messenger

The genuine Oelmann app for professional alert on POCSAG message. For the smartphones of Oelmann SME Series.