SME Messenger Alarm

Main features

Compliance with the requirements of security and fire services to the level and type of alarm sound signaling.

The automatic appearance of the audible signal with the display message activation on message receiving.

Reliable and independent communication with the built-in SME hardware POCSAG receiver at the OS level.

Invented, developed and maintained in Germany.

Purpose and compatibility

SME Messenger Alarm (MA) app turns your SME smartphone into a full-featured pager in addition to all the functions of a modern professional smartphone.

The purpose of the MA app is to professional respond to data that comes from the Oelmann SME Service software, which is associated with the built-in SME hardware module, in accordance with the requirements for alarming on end-customer devices.

The Android version of the MA app is designed to work on any Oelmann SME devices.

Always in touch, always get warnings in advance. Confident in any situation.

Alerting the alarm or receiving a message is guaranteed regardless of the mode of operation and the use of the smartphone itself.

Monitoring the presence of a radio network with a warning about the absence of it.

Tracking the charge of the battery with a warning about the necessary charge.

Monitoring the presence of power supply to activate the "Silence during charging" mode for the hospitals and enterprises with shift mode of operation.

Proven technologies to the future

24/7 active POCSAG alert monitoring.

All standard services and smartphone applications work as they should.

Works in any POCSAG system together and/or independently with any pagers in use.

It does not require separate programming.

Very easy to use, the app operations are the same for all devices in the Oelmann SME Series.

Speaks your language

English, German, Dutch, Russian and even Chinese in a standard MA language package

  • Switching languages on the fly
  • The desired languages by request
  • Customization of the application according to the requirements of the customer or a particular project

SME Messenger structural diagram

To alert, the SME smartphone needs no specific settings turned on, but the general POCSAG settings in the SME Android Service app. The SME Messenger app provides only alarming customer settings.

The SME smartphone must have SME Service running, and it has a genuinely useful capability to be always in touch. You will always get the alarm, or, in case of no POCSAG system detected on-air, the smartphone will warn you automatically.

Download Messenger Alarm

Important notes:

  • App designed to and will work only on any device of the Oelmann SME series with the POCSAG option.
  • App requires Oelmann SME service app installed and configured first.
  • Intended for installation on OS Android version 5...7.
  • When used in conjunction with the Oelmann engineering utility SME Tools, make sure to switch the serial port connection in the SME Tools utility to "Service".