SME Tools

The genuine app for test the unique features of any Oelmann SME Series smartphones

Operational modes

  • POCSAG On-Air Monitor
  • Inductive Localisation Beacon Monitor
  • Serial Port Connection Monitor
  • All-in-one performance dashboard to keep track of your SME special feature activities.

Purpose and compatibility

The purpose of Oelmann SME Tools software is complete diagnostics, factory and operational testing of devices equipped with genuine Oelmann SM660 Series modules.

The basis of the operating mode of the SME Tools is direct communication and control of the genuine Oelmann SM660 hardware module, or to operate with it indirectly through the Oelmann software system service.

Android version of SME Tools is designed to work on Oelmann SME devices with Android OS versions 5...8.

The PC version of SME Tools software is designed to work on any OS equipped with JVM 1.8 or later.

Works on all Oelmann SME Series devices

Representation of operational information and interaction with the software can be done through a common dashboard, or individually according to the selected operational mode.

Regardless of the operational mode, the software always works parallel with all available and active SM660 module information channels.

Proven technologies to the future

24/7 active POCSAG or the IOS beacon monitoring.

Work simultaneously on different panels with the switcher through the main dashboard.

All information coming from the module is processed and displayed in the corresponding indicators in real-time. The audio signals, being configured, also.

Responsive design based on Material Design principles. Works with any screen resolution.

All SME functions in one

The complete data monitoring of all the SME active information channels, as:

  • Inductive Beacon emission detection
  • POCSAG UHF or VHF receiving and decoding
  • Native Serial Port data stream monitor and interactive terminal

Download SME Tools

Important notes:

  • App designed to and will work only on any device of the Oelmann SME series with the POCSAG option.
  • Intended for installation on OS Android version 5...7.

App operational notes:

  • When operating indirectly through the Oelmann software service layer, then obtain, install and configure the Oelmann SME service app first.
  • If Oelmann Messenger or any third–party app that uses Oelmann Service is also installed on the same smartphone, then SME Tools data source setup should be "Oelmann Service".
  • For a temporary check the Oelmann module with full access to its resources, you can temporarily deactivate the "Service" in its settings menu. This setting is valid until the smartphone is rebooted or before the "Service" is activated back in the same menu.
    Warning: with no active "Service" none of Oelmann Messengers will not operate.
  • At the end of the tests and when continuing work with SME smartphone with Oelmann Messenger or any third–party app that uses the Oelmann module, it is recommended to uninstall the SME Tools application.