Paging and multipath messaging, voice and data telecommunications networks

One- and multi-way paging and messaging POCSAG, TETRA, GSM, WiFi

▶ Standard one-way paging
▶ POCSAG paging solutions, alarm panels
▶ POCSAG+ two-way paging solutions
▶ TETRA Messaging

Note: Mixed paging and messaging protocol systems are possible, are in demand and in use worldwide.

SIRIUS/NAG Software Suite: POCSAG paging solutions

▶ SIRIUS/NAG configuration variants

Sirius is an Oelmann original modular platform for professional messaging applications, and it is used to build systems of any complexity, from local paging tasks to regional or national paging and two-way signaling subsystems, including the interaction of communication protocols of any type.

WiFi pagers / two-way IP-solutions

▶ WiFi pagers in industries

Professional mobile radio systems DMR, TETRA, MPT1327

Custom and special solutions

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  • Digital pagers POCSAG, TETRA, GSM, WiFi
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