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One-way professional mission-critical paging

POCSAG is the time-proven and still the golden standard for high-performance digital paging. Paging systems based on POCSAG are flexible in configuration and usage, highly effective with the outdoor and indoor coverage, and are undemanding to the frequency range.

  • Extreme flexibility in frequency planning, simplicity of base stations and the ability to use any number of repeaters allow building highly efficient POCSAG paging networks without high initial and operational costs.
  • Pocket size, high performance, position-independent internal antenna and long battery life make the POCSAG pager ideal for any application, including mission-critical solutions.

Based on POCSAG technology and with the usage of superior quality Oelmann products, it is easy to design and build modern paging systems of all levels, including:

  • Compact high-effective paging for hospitals, stores, and small businesses.
  • Medium-sized paging for cities, shopping malls, large hospitals, campuses and large enterprises.
  • Regional or national paging with full featured connection to the operational centers of rescue and security services.

Fire alarm, code blue and nurse call systems are standard use cases.

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POCSAG paging and multi-way messaging

POCSAG digital paging today, in the era of instant IP-messengers in smartphones

Standard POCSAG paging

Standard POCSAG paging is a one-way distribution (broadcasting) of highly effective digital radiotelegrams, each of which consists of several messages and their recipient addresses.

Coupled with effective digital modulation and error tolerance for decoding received messages, this is an extremely effective technique for instant wireless alerting any number of users.


  • Paging base stations encode and broadcast on-air telegrams, which include one or several messages to different recipients. Messages can be text or empty (then only signalling will be accepted), and also have four subaddress prefixes.
  • The pagers are preprogrammed and configured to receive these telegrams, and they always receive and decode them.
  • If the telegram contains a message with the address of the pager, the pager displays this message with the appropriate sounds and other effects (vibration, glow or change in the display colour).

Pagers can be programmed to have one or many addresses, which allows you to have both an individual pager number, and groups and subgroups in accordance with the task.

Key features of POCSAG paging:
  • Guaranteed delivery of messages and emergency signalling for professional users it is the key point, especially in critical lifesaver situations. In the case of public broadband cellular networks, guaranteed delivery is not possible.
  • The coverage: paging base station coverage is much wider and incomparable with any cellular ones, of which several times more is needed for similar coverage.
  • Subscriber terminals operational reliability: high-quality pagers are narrow-functional devices that cannot be used outside of paging purposes. They cannot get hang due to an update or OS crash like in a smartphone, or a virus, games or improper use of.
  • The pager alarm sound is designed to be louder and to penetrate winter clothing and walls, which is important for evacuation signals or danger warnings.
  • If a silent alarm is required, the pager's vibrating alert or backlight alarm is also designed for excellent recognition in any environment or light.
  • POCSAG paging systems have low initial investment in infrastructure equipment costs and frequency licensing, and low cost of ownership.
Oelmann POCSAG additions and enhancements

To ensure that messages are received by all pagers, including those that quickly change location or are at the edges of the coverage area, Oelmann smart base stations and SIRIUS software send a critical message twice or more times (this is programmable, and can be different for each coverage area). Oelmann pagers detect and reject alarm duplicates, reacting to only real alarms with no repeating it.

Thanks to intelligent real-time decoding procedures, Oelmann's pagers "understand" where the error is in the message (if any) and highlight the place of the questionable symbol.

To expand and modernize the standard one-way paging capabilities of POCSAG, Oelmann produces pagers with feedback options, which allow designing systems with acknowledgement of receipt, with auto- or manual alarms from a pager, or, in the case of background polling, to have a complete picture of the activity and availability of pagers in real-time.

Oelmann pagers also:

  • Equipped with industrial LED backlight technology to always recognize the message text, including in direct sunlight.
  • RGB colour-backlighted, programmable to focus the messages with different back-colours.

Oelmann has all the necessary components to build any type of paging system or to complement existing ones. Highest quality digital pagers of various types, various base stations and smart repeaters, client-server software. As part of an add-on, update, or replacement for a modern one system, with full support and a service guarantee.

Oelmann provides all kinds of gateways to third-party systems TETRA, DMR, GSM/LTE, WiFi to extend the POCSAG with the multipath messaging and alarm actions.

POCSAG standard one-way
POCSAG alarms and two-way
POCSAG extended, multi-way

Paging TETRA

Two-way professional mission-critical paging and messaging

The TETRA standard offers a two-way exchange of short text messages to an individual or a group of subscriber terminals, with automatic acknowledgement of receipt of the message. In network- or a cell-wide TMO (within the network base stations coverage) and also in DMO where the terminals communicate directly with each other (standalone mobiles and groups). If "silence-on-air" is required, there is a "TxI" mode (no radio transmission from the subscriber).

Oelmann TETRA pagers:

Oelmann was one of the first companies to create modular TETRA pager, now in use in many TETRA networks worldwide.

Today, in the year 2021, the Oelmann TETRA pager line is in full production, and contains the following models:

  • Standard or personnel security enhanced versions of the TME260 series  pager with the man-down detector, GPS and/or indoor location beacon detection, alarm button and the tear-off alarm contact for high-grade personnel security applications.
  • The TME264 series  with a modern TETRA module and extended frequency range.

Oelmann TETRA pager features and options:

  • TETRA 420 or 450 MHz, two way
  • Sound/vibro/backlight or silent alert, in any combination
  • Any language message and UI text, scalable
  • RGB-color backlight, programmable
  • GPS receiver, inductive beacon decoder
  • Man-down sensor, alarm red top button, tear-off
  • Custom pre-recorded alarm sounds or voice notifications

Note: Oelmann has all kinds of TETRA base stations and switches to build a whole TETRA paging system, or to supplement the existing ones at the customer's site.

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Paging WiFi

Two-way wireless IP-solutions

Oelmann WiFi pager is the professional multi-functional portable IP-device for high-speed bi-directional wireless communication in any WiFi networks. There are two types of WiFi pagers at Oelmann:

Basic Oelmann WiFi pager functions:

  • Instant reception and display of an IP-text message or alarm, with auto-acknowledgment
  • Sending messages
 to any of the IP devices/apps
  • Receiving an alarm from other IP-pagers or from an optional relay contact panel
  • Signaling with sound/color/vibro or silent alarm
  • Auto sending IP-alarm according to the input contacts or man-down activity

Oelmann WiFi pager's features and options:

  • WiFi 2/5 GHz WPA2
  • Sound/vibro/backlight or silent alert, in any combination
  • Any language message text, scalable font
  • RGB-color backlight, programmable
  • GPS receiver, inductive beacon decoder
  • Man-down sensor, dedcated alarm button
  • Custom pre-recorded alarm sounds or voice notifications

With Oelmann WiFi paging, you'll get:

  • Solution for compact fast deployable two-way IP-wireless signalling and messaging system that works in any WiFi IP network.
  • Solution that works with messaging software or without it as a standalone wireless IP messaging system.
  • A solution that easily integrates into existing messaging or signaling systems.
  • A solution that works with additional types of communication such as POCSAG radio paging, cellular networks, IP-internet and email.

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SIRIUS system and solutions

SIRIUS is an Oelmann original modular platform for professional messaging applications . The entire SIRIUS system consists of control software, infrastructure components and base stations, gateways to third-party systems, and subscriber portable devices. It is used to build systems of any complexity, from local paging tasks to regional or national paging, two-way or multipath messaging systems, including the interaction of communication protocols of any type.

The basis of the system is SIRIUS Suite modular client/server software , which is a core for building original and complete paging or messaging system from Oelmann.

Oelmann SIRIUS features and options:

  • IP–Ethernet, RS232/485, I/O, RF-connections.
  • PABX/VoIP messaging.
  • Email messaging.
  • POCSAG smart store-forward repeaters supported.
  • XML–Interface for third party OEM application.
  • Customizable user–interface and messaging language.

With Oelmann SIRIUS, you'll get:

  • Industry grade modular client/server software, OS independent.
  • Compact fast deployable POCSAG, GSM, TETRA, WiFi paging system. Mixed protocols are possible.
  • Personnel security options for mission critical systems.
  • Solution that works with any RS232/ESPA infrastructure, or with customer transmitters.
  • Full support for all Oelmann paging base stations.

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