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POCSAG paging

One-way POCSAG and multi-way POCSAG+ paging and messaging

POCSAG is the time-proven and still the golden standard for high-performance digital paging. Paging systems based on POCSAG are flexible in configuration and usage, highly effective with the outdoor and indoor coverage, and are undemanding to the frequency range.

Based on POCSAG technology and with the usage of superior quality Oelmann products, it is easy to design and build modern paging systems of all levels, including:

What is paging, and why it is actual today

So, why is it still paging today, in the era of instant IP-messengers in smartphones?

Standard signaling and paging of POCSAG is a one-way distribution of high effective digital radio telegrams, each of which consists of several messages and their recipient addresses. The pagers are preprogrammed and configured to receive these telegrams and always receive and decode them. If the telegram contains a message with the address of the pager, the pager displays this message with the appropriate sounds and other effects (vibration, glow or change in the display color). Pagers can be programmed to have one or many addresses, which allows you to have both an individual pager number, and groups and subgroups from in accordance with the task.

Oelmann has all the necessary components to build any type of POCSAG system, or to complement existing ones. Highest quality pagers of various types, various base stations and smart repeaters, software. As part of an add-on, update, or replacement for a modern one system, with full support and a service guarantee.

To expand and modernize the standard one-way paging capabilities of POCSAG, Oelmann produces pagers with feedback options, which allows you to design systems with acknowledgment of receipt, with auto- or a manual alarms from a pager, or, in the case of background polling, to have a complete picture of the activity and availability of pagers in real time.

More on the various paging options from Oelmann:

POCSAG paging, standard one-way
POCSAG paging solutions, alarms and two-way
POCSAG paging extended solutions, multy-way

TETRA paging

Two-way professional mission-critical paging and messaging

The TETRA standard offers a two-way exchange of short text messages to an individual or a group of subscriber terminals, with automatic acknowledgement of receipt of the message. In network- or a cell-wide TMO (within the network base stations coverage) and also in DMO where the terminals communicate directly with each other (standalone mobiles and groups). If "silence-on-air" is required, there is a "TxI" mode (no radio transmission from the subscriber).

Oelmann was one of the first companies to create modular TETRA pager, now in use in many professional networks worldwide.

Today, in the year 2021, the Oelmann TETRA pager line is in full production, and contains the following models:

  • Standard and enhanced versions of the TME260 series pager with the man-down detector, indoor location beacon detection and alarm button for high-grade personnel security applications.
  • The TME264 series with an extended frequency range.

TME26x Series TETRA pager features and options:

  • TETRA 420/450 MHz, two way
  • Sound/vibro/backlight or silent alert, in any combination
  • Any language message text, scalable
  • RGB-color backlight, programmable
  • GPS, inductive beacon receivers
  • Man-down sensor, alarm red top button
  • Custom pre-recorded alarm sounds or voice notifications
TETRA messaging solutions

WiFi paging

Two-way wireless IP-solutions

Oelmann WiFi pager is the professional multi-functional portable IP-device for high-speed bi-directional wireless communication in any WiFi networks. There are two types of WiFi pagers: the WME266 WiFi pager based on Oelmann Viper modular platform, and the newest pager from the LX7 series .

With Oelmann WiFi pagers, you'll get:

Basic WiFi pager functions:

  • Instant reception and display of an IP-text message or alarm, with auto-acknowledgment
  • Sending messages
to any of the IP devices/apps
  • Signaling with sound/color/vibro or silent alarm
  • Receiving an alarm from other IP-pagers or from an optional relay contact panel
  • Auto sending IP-alarm according to the input contacts or man-down activity

WME266 Series WiFi pager features and options:

  • WiFi 2/5 GHz WPA2
  • Sound/vibro/backlight or silent alert, in any combination
  • Any language message text, scalable
  • RGB-color backlight, programmable
  • GPS receiver, inductive beacon decoder
  • Man-down sensor, alarm red top button
  • Custom pre-recorded alarm sounds or voice notifications
WiFi pagers in hotels
WiFi pagers in industries

SIRIUS system and SIRIUS software suite client-server solutions

SIRIUS is an Oelmann original modular platform for professional messaging applications . The entire SIRIUS system consists of control software, infrastructure components and base stations, gateways to third-party systems, and subscriber portable devices. It is used to build systems of any complexity, from local paging tasks to regional or national paging, two-way or multipath messaging systems, including the interaction of communication protocols of any type.

The basis of the system is SIRIUS Suite modular client/server software , which is a core for building original and complete paging or messaging system from Oelmann.

With Oelmann SIRIUS, you'll get:

  • Industry grade modular client/server software, OS independent.
  • Compact fast deployable POCSAG, GSM, TETRA, WiFi paging system. Mixed protocols are possible.
  • Personnel security options for mission critical systems or a separate fleets.
  • PRS Series paging IP-Base stations.
  • Solution that works with any RS232/ESPA infrastructure, or with customer transmitters.

Oelmann SIRIUS features and options:

  • IP–Ethernet, RS232, RS485, I/O, RF-connections.
  • PABX/VoIP messaging.
  • Smart repeaters supported.
  • XML–Interface for third party / OEM application.
  • Customizable user–interface and language.

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