The 21st–century pager

Compact and lightweight, fast and precise, multipath, versatile, durable, easy to use

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  • The LX7 Series are versatile pager for any wireless paging or multipath messaging and alarming.
  • Top–notch quality and design, essential software and hardware options, super–flexible in network and alarm options, precision in all functions make LX7 the perfect solution for every customer class.
  • All standard or optionally enhanced LX7s use original Oelmann hardware and firmware.
  • The LX7 is the successor to all our pagers, with many options and improvements on every parameter. It is a fully digital device.
  • Governmental, public, corporate, municipal applications.
  • Personnel security, emergency and operational safety.
  • Industries, transport and utilities.
  • Hospitals, clinics and healthcare.
  • Oil–and–gas.

No microphone. No camera. No ads, apps, games. No wires. That's LX7 – ultra–portable professional digital pager, the tracker, the panic button that uses the latest technology for wireless messaging, warning or alarms. One-way or multipath.

  • Alarming and messaging with sound, various backlight colours, vibration.
  • Active feedback by cellular or a WiFi network, automatic and manual.
  • GPS receiver for for outdoor location or movement detection.
  • Dedicated alarm top button.
  • Man–⁠down and movement detection sensor.
  • All kinds of accessories for easy handling, and for any task for individuals, mobile groups or large user units.
  • Available as an embedded module for custom or specialised applications.

Being optionally equipped with the cellular option and the use of global SIM cards, the LX7 is extremely useful for mobile task forces and long-distance transport vehicles and ships, as well as for services and fleets transporting valuables or dangerous goods.


  • POCSAG, GSM/LTE, WiFi, NB–⁠IoT, GPS, man–⁠down, alarm button.
  • High–speed and high–sensitive POCSAG digital receiver for precise receiving of signalling and messages, 4–⁠channels in scan mode, VHF or UHF, 256 RICs with 4 sub–addresses each, 64 user profiles.
  • Large and bright high–⁠⁠res graphic display. RGB–⁠coloг backlight, static or depending on the message or sender.
  • Scalable font size for better readability.
  • On–⁠screen user interface in any language, user–⁠customizable.
  • Display information according to the horizontal or vertical pager position.
  • IP67 rugged and waterproof.
  • Compact, ergonomic, comfortable, European.
  • Professional high and clear alarm sound level.
  • Unified rechargeable battery, Li–⁠Ion. Replaceable.
  • All types of chargers, from travel set to extended desktop or multi-slot charger/storage rack.
  • Magnetic data/charging connector.
  • Ergonomic and stylish holsters and belt clips, including KlickFast professional. Enforced attachment point for strap or chain.
  • Custom voice announcements and alert sound patterns.


  • WiFi 2.4GHz WPA2
  • GNSS receiver (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo)
  • BLE
  • NB-IoT
  • Man–⁠down / movement detector
  • Emergency Alert top button
  • Emergency Alert Tear–⁠Off contact
  • 128 bit (BOS PV) or AES 256 bit (BOSKRYPT)
  • Custom voice announcements or alert patterns

*Factory assemblies. To be specified when ordering.


  • Belt clip holster
  • Belt nylon pouch case
  • Belt nylon pouch case KlickFast system
  • Travel, desktop USB single–⁠ and multi–⁠chargers
  • Extended desktop USB charger with conectors for:
    • The external antenna
    • 1x message–⁠activated relay out
    • 1x switchable-by-message USB-voltage out
  • Special desktop USB charger with conectors for:
    • The external antenna
    • 2x relay outs and 4 inputs
  • Spare Li–⁠Ion rechargeable battery
  • Programming kit, desktop or travel kit version

*Optional, to be specified when ordering.

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Delivery content

  • LX7 pager
  • Li–⁠Ion rechargeable battery
  • Magnetic charging cable, USB**
  • Operation manual

**For rapid deployment systems such as NEN Kit, a pager is supplied with no cable but with a belt clip holster.

Technical data
Parameter Value Notes
RF frequency ranges
  • 143...158 MHz
  • 158...174 MHz
  • 442...470 MHz
  • PN 247.0100
  • PN 247.0200
  • PN 247.0300
RF channels 4 per user profile (in scan mode)
RF sensitivity, body-worn 1,9 / 2,4 / 3,0 μV/m 512/1200/2400 Baud respectively
POCSAG Baud Rate 512 / 1200 / 2400 Baud
POCSAG addressing
  • 256 RICs with 4 sub–addresses each, frame independent
  • RIC-alias as 32 characters name with assigned alert sound pattern, programmable
User profiles 64 User/additional, with user assigned RICs
Alert types Loud audible alert / priority alert / silent / vibro mode Customized via user menu / programmable
Alert sound volume level >90 dB(A) at a distance of 30 cm The discrete alarm first with medium volume, then loud (programmable)
Incoming messages
  • Tone-only / numeric / alphanumeric
  • Up to 100 messages of any type
Stored in non-volatile memory
  • Monochrome LCD, high resolution
  • Wide viewing angles, fast response time, sunlight readability
  • RGB backlight
  • 3 characters sizes
  • >200 characters per page
Information is rotatable, i.e. it can be shown in accordance with the operational position of the device. The position of the displayed information is switchable using the menu or user-programmable shortcut button.
Operational buttons
  • Soft precise toggling with tactile response.
  • Durable silky plastic.
  • Configurable for right-handed and left-handed users.
Battery Li-Ion, rechargeable Oelmann standard battery
  • 80x54x18 mm
  • 80 g with battery
  • 10...+55°C
  • IP67
Options, factory-installed
  • 128 bit (BOS PV)
  • AES 256 bit (BOSKRYPT)
Cellular GSM / GPRS LTE / NB-IoT by request
WiFi 2.4GHz / WPA2
  • DHCP or Static IP address
  • UDP messaging
Bluetooth 3.0 BLE by request
Localization receiver GPS Optional support for BLE or inductive beacons to be ordered separately
Custom sonic alert patterns or voice announcements Hardware built-in sound module (mp3 audio decoder) Having this hardware option, the user can supplement the standard sound signal set of the device with any custom mp3 sounds, that can be:
  • assigned to the address from which messages are received.
  • assigned to the message text itself.
  • as voice announcements of the device itself (battery warning, on/off, etc.)