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Development, manufacture, and supplies of paging and professional mobile radio products, including turnkey deliveries and special solutions.

Partners and suppliers

Partners and suppliers

Our time-proven and reliable technology partners and suppliers

Alfatronix Limited UKUSB chargers, voltage converters, wireless chargers, power supplies, battery chargers.

Combilent A/S
TXRX Systems Inc.
RF combiners, duplexers, filters, RMC, tower mounted amplifiers, BS frontends.
ETELM SASTETRA/LTE infrastructure components.
GEROH GmbH & Co. KGMobile antenna masts.
 Hytera Mobilfunk GmbHTETRA infrastructure components and terminals.
Radio Activity srlCompact and flexible DMR infrastructure.
Sea Air & Land Communications Ltd. (Salcom)Budget optimized POCSAG transmitters and devices.
Tait CommunicationsHigh-grade DMR / P25 infrastructure components and devices.
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  • Digital pagers POCSAG, TETRA, GSM, WiFi
  • Base stations POCSAG, TETRA, DMR, MPT
  • Dispatcher and messaging consoles
  • Paging and PMR gateways and software
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