Welcome to Oelmann Elektronik

Oelmann Elektronik GmbH is a German company specialized in solutions for professional telecommunications.

We develop, manufacture, supply and maintain the equipment and the systems of professional mobile communications, including turn–key and a custom–made solutions, worldwide.

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Proven and reliable technology partners and suppliers

  • Combilent A/S, TXRX Systems Inc. - RF base station components.
  • ETELM SAS - TETRA/LTE infrastructure components.
  • GEROH GmbH & Co. KG - Mobile antenna masts.
  • Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH - TETRA Infrastructure components and terminals.
  • Radio Activity Srl - Compact and flexible DMR infrastructure for the simulcast and/or trunking systems.
  • Sea Air & Land Communications Ltd. (Salcom) - Budget optimized POCSAG modules and devices.
  • Tait Communications - DMR infrastructure components and devices.