Notification of the current Corona Virus situation

10.11.2020, Springe

Dear partners, customers, friends,

The current situation around the virus poses great challenges for companies worldwide. We at Oelmann Elektronik take all necessary measures to minimize the spread of the virus for our customers, employees, their families, and the general public.

Besides, Oelmann Elektronik does everything it can to maintain our business operations uninterrupted. Our stocks, developments and production facilities in Springe are mostly adjusted to the situation and works in full power so that open and oncoming orders are reliably fulfilled.

We assure you of standard reaction and solution times as well as of the usual support services availability. Our technical support, sales and customer service to be always reached using the known contact details.

At the same time, and until the situation is clarified, we introduce temporary restrictions on visiting us. Instead of usual on-site training, any factory acceptance testing or co-working with partners on-site, our sales and engineers will be happy to organize appointments for you by telephone or by online network sessions.

Of course, we can only influence the events around us to a limited extent. In addition to official measures, some of our material suppliers may experience bottlenecks in the medium term. We, therefore, recommend inform us about, or placing your orders in advance and, if necessary, having an operational stock of our products.

When suspending orders or current projects that are in progress, we also ask you to inform us in advance.

Thank you for your trust in Oelmann Elektronik.

Dieter Buch, CEO

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  • Digital pagers POCSAG, TETRA, GSM, WiFi
  • Base stations POCSAG, TETRA, DMR, MPT
  • Dispatcher and messaging consoles
  • Paging and PMR gateways and software
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  • DMRA

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